Contentedly Contending

I wish I understood more about the business of prayer, and how God works through them.  How some seem to be answered without ever having asked for them, some remain unanswered indefinitely, and others are answered at varying times across that indefinite spectrum.   But…. There are many MANY things about faith, that I can’t explain, and yet have come to accept as truth because, to me, there is something more gratifying in believing someone cares about the details of my life and partnering with me in them, over chalking it up to dumb luck.

The most recent evidence I have in proving my theory that someone cares about partnering with me in the details of my life would be exhibit A:  The Contend Card our Church passed out when we launched the new series this past May.

I’ve experienced the stress of waiting until the 11th hour for an answered prayer, convinced God was trying to give me a heart attack so we could meet before answering said prayer.  I’ve also experienced the disappointment of prayers that STILL haven’t been answered.  So imagine my delight and gratitude when God decided to answer FIVE prayers EARLY!!!  Technically, our “Contend” series goes until the end of August at church, and here we are at the start of August…. 
#1 Kevin accepted an offer for a great new job two weeks ago
#2 Sweet baby AJ made an All-Star appearance into the world without a hint of a complication
#3 Against ALL odds we found an amazing home that perfectly suits our growing family without breaking the bank
#4 The Home-School conference Caleb and I attended got us all set up for the fall
#5 RIGHT before life got crazy with baby, move, new job for Kev, and homeschooling this Fall, God raised up the most AMAZING Metro Group structure ever, led by one of the coolest spiritual giants I know, and provided a smooth exit for me to focus on navigating all the transition for my family well.
High five God….. I’m just gonna stand here dumbfounded for a little while longer at your awesome-sauce!
Since He’s obviously on a roll, I would hate to be the limiting factor by only giving Him 5 prayers to answer, so I figured it was time to update my “Contend” card, and let Him continue to show off…. 
#1: Husbands…. lots and lots of HUSBANDS (not for me ofcourse, I’m quite content with the gem I’ve got), but you see I know far too many AMAZING women, that are just waiting on guys to wise up and mature into the spiritual leaders God has called them to be.  So God, do your thing, move their hearts, mature ’em up fast, cause they do NOT want to miss out on the beauties I know for some dumb job or a few more bucks in their bank account!
#2: There is this one job out there, its for a friend of mine, and its freaking amazing.  It’s so amazing that God has been working on securing it for her for 8+ months now…. If He could just go ahead and tackle whatever final obstacle is keeping her from it, that would be spectacular.  We get there are all sorts of lessons to be learned in the wait, we’ve learned lots in 8+ months, we think learning a new job sounds pretty fun now 🙂
#3: Health…. I’m so thankful for the health God has given to my family, and I’ll continue praying for our health, but I have a friend that is now battling breast cancer, so God you can go ahead and give that the one/two punch…. and another friend whose brother is in the slow recovery process from a motorcycle accident, if you could just knit all those pieces back together, another friend undergoing yet another round of IVF, we’re believing you are ready to deliver a sweet sweet miracle through that process, as well as the safe delivery of at least 10 more babies due at our church the rest of this year.  Also if you could give a little extra comfort to my sweet nephew with a little burned hand, and to the daughter of a friend with a broken arm, to another sweet baby girl born with a club foot and her awesome mama as they walk through her recovery, and one more amazing rock star mama friend that has been dealing with a NASTY epidural headache since the birth of her sweet boy 2 months ago, while also managing her two other kiddos while her military husband is away on assignment, that would be fantastic!
Those 3 are actually like 10+ if you count all the people they would impact, so God, go ahead…. do your thing, show the world your awesome-sauce…. there is nothing more we love to marvel at!
With Love,

Contentedly Contending!

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