Happy Birthday to Me!

Hip Hip Hooray!!!  I officially get to launch my new Blog site!!!  It’s my little birthday present to myself, because in all honesty I couldn’t even remember the ridiculously long title of my old one.  For my 30th Birthday, my friends actually surprised me with an awesome party, and they had created this fun Jeopardy game!  I think they finally had all but 3 cards turned over and I STILL couldn’t figure out what it was…. The Title to my OWN blog!?!  Musings pic

Needless to say it was time to simplify!  “Growing Yup”…. Just kinda worked.   It seems like what we’re constantly doing around here…. whether I’m growing as a mama, wife, daughter, sister, friend, etc… or the antics that go along with growing my three ‘lil men… we’re all still growing.  Also, it was short and easy to remember, which in the end was the deciding factor ;).

As I kick off my 32nd year I couldn’t imagine a better birthday present, than taking a step toward developing something I love doing.  I’m believing in the incredible dreams God has for my life, dreams to see the World, and show His love to every single person in it!  I find people absolutely fascinating.  The stories that make them who they are, the wide brush strokes the events in their life have painted to give them the perspective they have, and how all of that comes together to develop their purpose and their motivations in life.  I would love nothing more, than to eventually be able to record all of those encounters here.  Watching the story of my own life unfold has been fascinating.  I want nothing more than to see it continue to play out as an action/adventure/thriller that keeps me on the edge of my seat for what the next turn will hold.

Even as this morning is just kicking off…. I can’t wipe the smile off my face.  I am AMAZED, and BEYOND thankful for the incredible amount of LOVE I have in my life.  It’s coming from all over the WORLD today…. I’ve gotten shout-outs from at least 15 states, and going on 8 countries so far!?!  I don’t deserve the life I’ve got, but I will cherish it for every single second that it’s mine.  The adventures I’ve had, and will go on, are only possible because I am surrounded by the most amazing people on the planet.  Every single person has touched my life in some way, and seeing the birthday wishes pour in makes it SO fun to recall all of those individual experiences, play-dates, meals, vacations, late night talks, life changing talks, support, encouragement…. the list could go on forever!

I don’t always feel prepared for what the adventures entail, or equipped to support the INCREDIBLE people I’m blessed enough to call my friends…. but I’m ready to put those ‘big girl shoes’ on and give it everything I’ve got!   Love y’all more than I can begin to describe, thank you for making my life so incredibly beautiful!

Also, because I can’t help but share my DUH moment for the morning…. I logged onto Google to snag a fun ‘birthday image’ to use in my blog, and was shocked to see the Google Splash page set to the below image….

Google Bday What was even MORE shocking was when I moused over the image it said “Happy Birthday Julie”…. So of course I immediately called my husband to let him know he’s married to the most important person in the world, that GOOGLE would set their home page to a birthday theme in MY honor.  You can imagine my disappointment, when he asked if I was logged into my Google account, and I said yes….. that the realization finally set it.  However, those approximate 5 minutes this morning, were AWESOME!!!

Hope you love my new home as much as I do!  Look around and let me know what ya’ think!!!

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!