Mauritius…. Here I Come!

We built the forts, we’ve had the snow ball fights, snow angels and men have been assembled, hot chocolate has been had, and now I’m done.   Over it.  I don’t care that snow has only been on the ground for just about one month, or that we’ve maxed out at a total of 15-20 inches total snowfall to-date.  I moved out of Michigan for a few reasons… cold weather was squarely at the top of that list.  While in college, my dad once inquired about my post-collegiate plans.  I drew a line, roughly dividing the United States in half, and responded with, “I’m not sure, but whatever it is will be below this line.”  Northern Virginia is pushing the upper limits of that line.

I’ve noticed an odd habit I’ve developed in response to this weather.  I start planning obscure, highly improbable, vacations to exotic destinations.  I don’t just day dream…. I’m on my computer, looking up flights, costs of hotels, comparing hotels, reading up on local hot spots, planning my full itinerary…. ALL for a trip that has about a .01% chance of occurring.

I’m not gonna lie…. With Facebook gone, I MIGHT have gone slightly more in-depth than I would normally allow myself to wander into my fantasy.  Rather than letting all my research go to waste, I figured my fellow EIGHT subscribers could benefit from it!  See it really makes a difference knowing my research will help 8 other people forget that its FREAKING cold outside, and dream for a minute about being my neighbor in the tropics!

Without further adieu, let me introduce you to the Island of Mauritius.


A logical question is how did I pick this random location?  I found a ‘deal’ (we’ll use that term loosely here) on air fare first, at this super fun website, chosen solely based on the picture they used to lure me in.   Having no concept for where this fell on a map, a quick Google search revealed I’ll be just to the East of Madagascar…. Africa…. Sure, why not.

Then I had to find my resort…..

Mauritius 1


Ummmmmm….. Yes, please!


Because the internet was ALL too helpful in providing information so quickly at my fingertips, I discovered the currency conversion from the Mauritan Rupee (MUR) to our US Dollar, could snag me this gem for roughly $300K.  At close to a $200K discount to basically any reasonable real estate in the DC Metropolitan area…. I really think its a steal and we should jump on it.   Kevin’s not fully convinced.   I’m entirely at a loss for what is left to convince.

While its not Mauritius, we’re one month and counting to our vacation on Hilton Head Island, SC….. It can NOT get here soon enough!   Hope you enjoyed your diversion from reality as much as I did…. and have also added Mauritius to your bucket list.   My extensive list of retirement destinations to visit continues to grow, and I’ve warned the kids from an early age College is on them… Mama’s got priorities 😉


  1. Yani says:

    Being a Mauritian I’d say… Beware of cyclones that will blow your little hut away. They don’t tell you that in advertisements. We have cyclones every year.

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