The Cuckoo’s Nest

It’s near impossible for me to believe that just over a month ago, I was lounging on a beach in St. Thomas looking at pristine tropical waters and reading for fun.   After the insanity of this past month, I’m even MORE thankful for that time!

For a good 2-3 weeks after that trip we had to listen to Logan scream (SCREAM) in terror/agony throughout the day because he was afraid to poop.  We’re still not totally out of the woods there, but are at least now down to manageable whining…. I think it was just a process of desensitization, I’m not sure I can actually hear anymore.

Days after returning we launched our summer semester of Metro Groups.  I love the small group community at our church, and love being a part of making the semesters work.  However it became quite clear as that week progressed, and I was heading out of town with Caleb that weekend for the HomeSchool conference, that the time it took to coordinate such activities, would SOON be in short supply!

The following weekend, in an attempt to find some normalcy we had friends over for dinner….. Yes, that was the night our basement also flooded, and the day before I found the link to what is now our new rental.  Fast forward three weeks of packing, packing, packing, moving, and unpacking…. ad naseum.   The house is amazing, and I’m so thankful for it, but that doesn’t mean its come without its fair share of  ‘character building opportunities’.   For example, the weekend we moved in, with no hot water and no AC, at 8 months pregnant….. yes, that was fun.  As I embraced all the space, I just kept saying “First world problems” over and over in my head to keep perspective…. it worked for the most part, and didn’t hurt that we have great friends in the area that let me snag a shower at their place!   Then we discovered that the kitchen sink didn’t work, nor did the washer dryer, the garage door, and the fridge leaked.   Manageable.   Got those items fixed, only to have THIS basement flood because when the plumbers came to fix one issue they created another by leaving a piece of paper towel in the utility sink which overflowed when the laundry was done….. Wouldn’t have been the biggest deal if it hadn’t resulted in the buckling of all the pergo floors in the basement which we’ve now had to rip up and work to get those replaced this week.

In addition to ALL of that, is my increasing need to ‘nest’ as I realize in THREE weeks, little man is going to join us.  I’m shocked with all the activity he hasn’t made is big debut already, as this past weekend was jam packed painting the nursery and master bedroom, so at least TWO room could be close to done before baby A get’s here.  Needless to say its a bit crazy round here, or affectionately referred to as the Cuckoo’s Nest currently 🙂  God has been good, keeping grace and fairly good attitudes in check.  We’re praying that the plumbing company will help to right their wrong, that Kevin will be able to focus on an interview opportunity tomorrow, that Baby A will allow us to continue getting as settled as possible before his big debut, and we’re able to find our new ‘normal’ soon!

We’ve been off the grid for awhile, but now you know why 🙂  We hope to resurface soon, with one more in tow!

Whatcha think???? I'd love to know!