The “New” Bend & Snap

According to a photographer friend, if you bend your limbs while being photographed you appear skinnier.  This seemed easier than sticking to a work out regimen or diet before bathing suit season.   Apparently, I don’t have enough limbs to bend.pop1Pop2

We remember the Elle Woods ‘bend and snap’, right?  You think I would remember that looked ridiculous, and should never be practiced…. and used that knowledge to keep myself from my own version of a ‘bend the limb & snap the picture’.  I look like my arm is physically incapable of laying at my side.  This ranks right up there with my other fantastic ‘optical illusion’ dieting practice.  By the nature of Kevin ENJOYING going to the gym (lunatic), and the result of him getting more muscular (bigger), I get the benefit of standing next to him and appearing smaller  Again…. this seemed easier than a diet….


I tried the work-out regimen, and by tried I mean over the course of a year I’ve worked out a grand total of maybe 10 times.  More than half of those occurred with a friend that is legit when it comes to working out.  I thought I was going to die, or at the very least puke.  I think I need to stage my own intervention… put DOWN the chocolate Julie, it DOES NOT OWN YOU…. put ON your tennis shoes, they WILL NOT BITE.

Thankfully with summer just around the corner my work-out buddies are ready to drag me off the bench again…. and hopefully not cringe when they realize I have not ‘kept up’ AT. ALL.  I need some serious tips though y’all…. HOW do you find and SUSTAIN motivation, cause I got nuthin…. zip, zero, zilch desire to do the working out…. the only reason I end up doing it with friends is because I get to do it WITH friends.  So if anyone has the secret sauce for finding that desire to actually stick with something on my own, help a sister avoid arthritis in my joints from trying my best to bend EVERYTHING in the hopes of looking just a little slimmer!pop4

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