Two Month Update… and MORE Pic’s :)

Maternity leave has been glorious…. I have COMPLETELY fallen off the grid.  You may have noticed this as my ‘attempt’ to post pictures of Selah here is occurring at the astonishing rate of once a month.  I’ve opened my computer twice in 2 months.

Are there like 42 Republican Presidential hopefuls now?  I really have no idea what is happening in the world anymore.  My US Weekly subscription indicated “The Donald” has tossed his hat into the ring.  Figures.  It was already a zoo, what’s a couple more!  Clearly I’m getting my news from very important and trustworthy sources these days.

Our trip back to Michigan was jam packed with family time!  It started with Kevin’s youngest brother Dan’s wedding to Christine.  She’s an awesome addition to the fam, though after almost 11 years of being my in-laws “Favorite daughter-in-law” (I was their only daughter-in-law), I had to begrudgingly relinquish that title.  Just kidding!  She’s a perfect fit to the crazy lot of us.

Alspaugh Family pic

Then there was Father’s day and my little sis’s birthday coinciding on the same day, which was GREAT fun because the two newest cousins got to meet for the first time!  Selah at just a month, and Sully was just over one week at their first meeting!  Too cute!!


Our collective crew, between me and my sisters, has grown by quite a bit over the years!

Fathers Day pic

The rest of the time home was spent catching up with my girl friends, and an updated family picture sitting for my mom……..


Dimond Family Pic

Thankfully, this opportunity gave me the chance to snag my OWN decent family pic!  Finally!!

Family Pic6

One of my favorite parts of bringing Selah home was introducing her to her Great Grandma’s.  I’ve always LOVED those pictures on Pinterest, the juxtaposed images reflecting the innocence of a newborn alongside the wisdom of generations before her.  It was an especially special and divinely timed trip, because Selah’s Great Grandma Alspaugh passed away just a few days after meeting her Great Granddaughter.   I believe she felt her presence in the room that day, and am thankful Kevin had the opportunity to say goodbye to his Grandma just a few hours before she went home to be with the Lord.  I had to capture the images of these incredible women with their Great Granddaughter, and hopefully we’ll be able to get a picture with her last Great Grandma Hayes in a few weeks in North Carolina!

GGmaAGreat Grandma Alspaugh

GGmaSGreat Grandma Summers

GGmaDGreat Grandma Dimond

Here’s a few more fun pics of our adventures in Michigan!

AJ Fishing Four Wheeling Tubing

I’ve got lots more to share in lessons learned from our first week home from vacation and acclimating to ‘real life’, now that the honeymoon newborn season is over so stay tuned!

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